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Carrie Hall Blocks : Over 800 Historical Patterns from the Collection of the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas; Bettina Havig - This is a wonderful book if you're looking for block collections. Each block is illustrated by an actual color photograph of the finished block, and many of the blocks include templates and instructions. The blocks include pieced and applique patterns. An EQuiltBlocks.Com favorite!

849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns : A Pictorial Handbook; Susan Winter Mills - A beautiful collection of traditional quilt blocks. Most of them are fairly difficult, though, and many common ones are missing. This book is great if you already have collections of the standard blocks and want to expand your collection.

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns; Barbara Brackman (Compiler) - Encyclopedia really describes this one! It's got over 4000 blocks and quilts, with names and references for the first known appearance of the block. The blocks are all simple sketches, though, in black and white, with no patterns or further information. This book is wonderful as a reference, and to look up unknown patterns, but not so good for anyone who wants instructions or patterns.

Machine-Stitched Cathedral Windows : Updating an Old Favorite; Shelley Swanlan - This is a new take on Cathedral Windows quilts, that allows you to use an origami technique to fold the squares, allowing you to machine or hand stitch the squares easily. It is an excellent technique, with beautiful results, but it can be hard to understand the technique from the book. Drop us a line if you need any help... you'll be glad you learned this one!

1001 patchwork designs; Maggie Malone - This book is unfortunately out of print, but it's a terrific block collection. It's got all the old standards, plus plenty that are hard to find, and they're all diagrammed in black and white in an easy-to-follow way.

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