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Quilter's Newsletter Magazine  This is one of the top selling quilting magazines, and for good reason. It has some beautiful quilts, and good tips, instructions, and information on quilting. It mainly features modern quilts, though, with few traditional ones, and only has a few complete patterns.

American Patchwork & Quilting This is another of the top selling magazines, and has more traditional quilts, with instructions for almost all of them. It also features many of the quilts in different color schemes, which is very useful when choosing fabrics. Also lots of information on quilts and quilting. This is more homey and simple than QNM.

Quick & Easy Quilting A magazine featuring simple quilts -- no review available yet.

Creative Quilting No review available yet.

McCall's Quilting No review available yet.

Quilt World No review available yet.

Quiltmaker No review available yet.

Traditional Quilter A magazine to teach quilting techniques. No review available yet.

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